We offer a unique support program. Automatic updates on occasion have problems for various reasons. Then there can be a unique capability that is offered and in place at a service center. This can at times present update issues. To overcome this potential problem, we perform all updates and test each update . This is accomplished by accessing the program on the server. Performing the update. These updates are performed after the end of your business day. On most updates, we perform a full backup of your data on your system. If something does go wrong, we restore the data and return your system to service. We also provide a off site backup peridocally for the purpose of trouble shooting when you report a problem and if worse case, your system fails completely, we can restore your data from this backup. It is recommended that you have a backup procedure to copy your data to an external drive .

We provide inlimited telephone support . Call us at any time during your business hours, 0700 hrs to 1800 hrs CDT. After hours, we are constantly monitoring Emails and messages left on the phone may also call us and leave a messate as we are constantly monitoring these calls. For these after hours issues, we will respond to you the next morning. If it is an emergency situation, any hour, we will contact you as quickly as we can. If remote access is up and running on your system, we will attempt to access your system and look for the problem or question .


We will work with you and your employees to solve any issues arising in the use of the program. Your employees are encouraged to call when they haved a question on program usage. We also encourage your employees to email us with questions or suggestions.