Are you satisfied with the Service Management software program you are now using in you business? The following is a partial list of capabilities

.How often is it updated ? If a problem arises in it, does your current software provider correct it within 24 to 48 hrs. Do they provide updates as a result of industry changes within 24 to 48 hours.

∙ Does it have features to address the ever changing needs of the service industry ?

∙ Does it provide all the information relating to a service call on a single screen.

∙ Does it provide unlimited notes, available to all users, on each service order accessible by a key stroke.

. A inhouse message system which allows employees to create messages for all employees or individual employees.

. Does it provide the ability to track and view update activity on a particular work order with details of who did what in this entry.

∙ Does it provide you the means to submit warranty claims without retyping all the data on each claim ? Example...submit all warranties to manufacturers and warranty processing centers for the week in less than an hour.

.Does it provide the capability to upload claims for payment for work performed at big box locations such as Lowe's that is not covered by manufacturer's warranty.

Does your current system provide the ability to communicate with the dispatch centers (Service Bench, LG Zenith and others as example) and process new dispatches or auto accepted dispatchs, update current dispatches with out the necessity to go to the web site. Can you update all open dispatches in your system in less than 15 minuets on demand.

∙ Does the distributor detail, (Dist ID, Invoice No, Ordering Auth, etc) follow a part from the time it is received until it is used on a work order. This being necessary to satisfy warranty claims.

∙ Does it have the administrative tools to track the return of components (DUD) required to satisfy warranty claim approval ? Does it provide independent tracking of the return of parts where you are given credit by the distributor.

. Does it have the administrative tools to track the return for credit of components to manufacturer or distributor and maintain a permanent record of the part and who performed the work.


∙ Does it have the administrative tools to track the work of your technicians for pay purposes ? Can you run reports on demand to determing the commission owed to your technicians.


∙ Does it provide update of features without having to pay for the update ? Are updates a part of the annual support package.

∙ Does it provide unlimited phone support without a fee per call ? Do you pay a single annual support fee as opposed to a monthly charge.

∙ Does it contain a parts inventory system that tracks your inventory regardless of the physical location, store room or vehicle ? Does it track individual parts from the date you receive it into the system to the point you are paid for that part. Do you have parts that mysteriously disappear. This feature provides a audit trail of individual part.

∙ Does your system provide for tracking of ordered parts from initial order to use on work orders and proper billing for the part. All ordering detail becomes part of the permanent record of use on the part.

∙ Is the inventory system designed to allow you to reduce the inventory time to a minimum(less than a day on average) S and generate reports on investment in inventory for tax purposes.

∙ Does it have a service call scheduling module ?

∙ Does it provide a management tool to track the units under repair in house even though the paper work indicates it is complete ? This becomes an issue when a unit was delivered by mistake or simply get lost in the shuffle.

∙ Does it capture and retain forever the history of service on particular unit ? This is vital on repeat calls on the same unit ?

∙ Does it flag you when the on a new work order that it has a history of service with you ?

∙ Does it have the capability to allow you or your field service personnel to access via the Internet ?

∙ If you have multiple locations, does it allow all locations to access a single database in your main office for all activity ? Does your system allow you to set up data tracking for each of these these multiple locations.

∙ Does your system have the tools the handle maintenance for property managers with the ability to bill a single agency for work at multiple locations.

∙ Does your system allow for unlimited users without additional cost ? A history of all users activity in the system is retained for ever. The activity by each user on a work order is available via single key stroke . Very useful when question arises on who did what on a work order.

∙ Finally, in your current system, is the User Help system screen specific to the entry you are entering data or you must go to the help system and try to find the section that answers your questions? In AESM the help system and guidance is specific to the screen you are in within the program at the moment.

Does your current system provide a quick and direct method on instructing the user how to perform a particular task ? For training new users or the seldom usr, there is a help system "HOW DO I PERFORM A TASK ". It guides the user to the specific part of the system to perform the task in question.

If you can’t answer yes to all above, you need to take a look at “Appliance & Electronics Service Management (AESM)”, accompanying detail description. If you are using the DOS program “ESMS-2", we have a windows compatable version to capture your current information. If the data in your current system can be extracted, we can import it into AESM.