June 25, 2016



So many software packages require the service center to dramatically change the way they are doing business. In some instances this is good but then again, you know what you need to make your service center successful. AESM is designed to adapt to your business needs as opposed to forcing procedures on your business. It is designed for the start up or small or large service cent business providing the necessary basics of managing service. As your business grows, features can be activated to grow the program with your business. This capability allows a first time user to learn the system basics and become comfortable with the program in no more than a day and then use the other features over a period of time .


Access to your data at all time is critical to the operation of your business. So many programs are designed to be access via the internet and your data is somewhere out there in the Cloud. If you lose access to the internet for any reason, you are out of business.

AESM is designed to operate on your own local network or your web server which insures that your data is always available to you regardless of the availability of the internet. Backup procedures are a part of the program that allow you to maintain your own data at all times and in the event of a hardware failure, the restoration process is simple and fast once you have restored your hardware.


The fully integrated modules provide the tools to track a unit to be serviced from the moment the client calls you or walks into your business to the time you return the unit. Tracking the repair activity, parts ordering and usage, billing, daily reports and warranty submission.


The processing and submission of warranty claims is key to efficient cash flow. AESM handles warranty claims submission without the duplicate entry of data. Preparation of claims for submission, to manufacturer or processing center, for a day or week is reduced to a 1 hour job.
(Service Bench, Satisfusion , Service Pro, LG Zenith, and other major manufacturers) accept warranty claim submissions from AESM. The process of updating Dispatches to the various Dispatch Centers is now reduced to 30 minutes regardless of the number of open dispatches and can be run on demand.


Manufacturers today are requiring the return of defective components as a part of
warranty approval. This has become a serious issue in your cash flow. There is also the issue of returning parts for credit and insuring that you receive credit for these return parts.
AESM provides the tools to track and administer these procedures.


The standarded inventory option for small shops is simple and mirrors most inventory systems that have been in use for decades.


Provides the ability to track 8 billion, yes 8 bilion individual parts from the moment you order it until you are paid for it on a work order or other activity such a returned for credit or direct sale. You know where the part is (physical location) in your center or on a tech's vehicle at any time, with reports that identify parts that suddenly vanish after an inventory is performed. The inventory process has been reduced to 1 quarter of the time normally spent on inventory. All of the detail on the particular part is available on including PO, date received and assignment . A complete history on each part is maintained and available for management inquiries at any time.


Parts can be ordered on demand for inventory purposes and upon receipt it is added to the Parts Inventory data base. The techs may initiate a request for a part to be ordered from within the workorder. The center Parts Administrator will process the parts request which generates a purchase order . The part is ordered from the particular supplier . Upon receipt, the part is received into the system and the related work order is updated with all the pertinent data about the ordering process. This data is then used in the process of filing a warranty claim. If the Advanced Inventory Management System is used, a unique ID is assigned to the part and is on the part label to allow tracking throughout the entire process of the work order.

There is also the capability for the Parts Administrator to combine all the parts request on a single purchase order for the specific supplier. It also allows the receipt of individual parts received on the purchase order. This process is available in the standard and the advanced inventory system.


The standard inventory system calls for a physical count of all parts in the service center or on vehicles.

The ADVANCED INVENTORY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (AIMS) is simplified and fast. The part unique ID is scanned as you find them and the count is updated for the particular part. This allows the parts administrator to simply walk through the parts area and scan the physical location label for the parts in that area. Each part is scanned at random. The part number count is update and the physical location is also updated. This will reduce the inventory of a store room to in 1/4 of the time of a standard inventory process. A vehicle can be inventoried in a matter of minutes. All information is immediately available to all users.


AESM is designed to be easy to learn. Simple self-explanatory prompts guide the user thru the required entry steps. New employees are up to speed in 2 to 3 days. On line assisted training and support is available as part of support package. The help system for the user (key F1) is screen specific. There is no searching for answers or explanations of the task at hand.


We encourage the techs or other users to call us direct when they have a question or a problem.